VIRO to Order

The V2O Collection of premium all-weather wicker is made to order and ready for mass production

the line will be expanded to 150 items, ensuring an array of appealing choices for every design project. But the breadth of the product line isn’t the only benefit to designers. Although the items in the new “Viro to Order” collection are not kept in stock, there are no long wait times between order and delivery. Because the fibers styles in the V2O collection are only available “as shown” the production process is quick and easy. Designers working on smaller projects will benefit from the lower minimum order. Cutting the custom order minimum order quantity by half, the V2O collection requires only an order of 500 kilograms per item. As with all of the fibers offered by VIRO, the all-weather weaves in the V2O collection are crafted out of natural like yet durable polyethylene. The synthetic UV-stabilized fibers are engineered to withstand extremes of temperature, humidity, and weather. 

Furniture made from VIRO fiber can be left outside year round without fading or damage from sun, rain, snow, salt water, or chlorine. In addition to its remarkable strength and beauty, VIRO fiber is environmentally friendly. The weather-resistant fibers are non-toxic and 100% recyclable.








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